Vanilla Musk - A light scent that is non gender specific. It's a combination of sweet smelling vanilla with a touch of musk making it perfect for men and women. 

Dahlia Blossom - A spring mixture of floral and powdery facets, that is powerful and captivating.

Baby Powder - A mixture of a simple time with the smell of freshness, uncomplicated and clean elegance.

Brown Sugar - A wonderfully warm and sweet confection of brown sugar, maple and smooth caramel.


Lavender - This sweet, floral, and herbal scent with balsamic undertones has been known for its calming affect that make you want to relax, chill-out or maybe say goodnight. 

Free & Clear - The same version of our enriched hand-crafted lotion without fragrance for the most sensitive skin. Don’t have sensitive skin? Works great when you prefer to wear perfume.

Sweet Pea - The light and airy floral scent with the essence of an English garden with a sweet and floral elegance.

Kiwi Mango - A mixture of exotic mango and kiwi producing a tropical scent that will take you to a relaxing, secluded tropical island.

Vanilla Bean - The fragrance of vanilla liqueur without an overwhelming sweetness.  The laid back scent could be a favorite to females or males.

Spring CherryA floral scent bursting with the smell of cherry blossoms in the spring.  It’s clean and fresh with a tart fruity smell.