Support your cause with great skin!

"The Lotion Company has a great fundraiser program.  They do everything, from getting you set up with social media to sorting your order.  And you get 50% back for your organization. Highly recommended".

For schools, clubs and organizations needing to raise money, 24Hour SkinTherapy is a refreshing change from the usual! The product line is new to most people, very satisfying to purchase, and profitable for you.

50% of every sale goes directly to your organization.

The Lotion Company provides you with comprehensive support all along the way, from attractive promotional materials to easy order forms and fundraising safety tips. Then we deliver within two weeks and pre-sort all orders for each seller, making distribution a breeze!

If you want to raise money by giving people a fresh, enjoyable way to support your organization, then 24Hour SkinTherapy is the way to go.

Contact us now for more information or to get started raising money!