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July 15, 2017 by ElsieCalo

"Our little ones have all been born with an extreme case of eczema.  Out of all our children, my youngest (who is two) has had the worse case of it.  She is sensitive to most lotions, the sun and flares up rather quickly during summer. During this time, I came across The Lotion Company. Let me just say, that I was skeptical about the lotion.  We had tried so much with Shiloh and nothing had worked.  I decided to give The Lotion Company a try and I have not looked back.  This has been the BEST lotion that I have ever used for my little ones and myself." We cannot thank Elsie enough for sharing her story with TLC.

Please check out her amazing blog:

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"Great idea of the Baby Powder fragrance lotion in a Ball Jar!!! I want to order more!”
Meghan K.

"Forget Bath & Body Works! All the lotion I need will come from locally based The Lotion Company! This lotion is great and cherry is my very favorite."
Ashley M.

"I love this lotion. I have a bottle at home and at work on my desk. They are wonderful gifts to give your friends not to mention they are made in Muncie!!!! I promise you won't be disappointed."
Maggie J.

"The Lotion Company has a great fundraiser program.  They do everything, from getting you set up with social media to sorting your order.  And you get 50% back for your organization. Highly recommended."
Laura M.

"This stuff is worth every penny ! Not like anything you pickup for a couple bucks and you dont have to use very much which makes it last ! A great lotion that moisturizes and leaves a great smooth feeling ! Try it you will love it !"
Janice G.

"No other lotion can compare"
​Mike A.

"I love this lotion. My skin gets dry with the weather and working with fabric all day. I have had the lotion for 1 month and it doesn't take much which makes it a great value."
Jill S.