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"Great idea of the Baby Powder fragrance lotion in a Ball Jar!!! I want to order more!”
Meghan K.

"Forget Bath & Body Works! All the lotion I need will come from locally based The Lotion Company! This lotion is great and cherry is my very favorite."
Ashley M.

"I love this lotion. I have a bottle at home and at work on my desk. They are wonderful gifts to give your friends not to mention they are made in Muncie!!!! I promise you won't be disappointed."
Maggie J.

"The Lotion Company has a great fundraiser program.  They do everything, from getting you set up with social media to sorting your order.  And you get 50% back for your organization. Highly recommended."
Laura M.

"This stuff is worth every penny ! Not like anything you pickup for a couple bucks and you dont have to use very much which makes it last ! A great lotion that moisturizes and leaves a great smooth feeling ! Try it you will love it !"
Janice G.

"No other lotion can compare"
​Mike A.

"I love this lotion. My skin gets dry with the weather and working with fabric all day. I have had the lotion for 1 month and it doesn't take much which makes it a great value."
Jill S.